Well, hunting and pecking while sitting at a Dutch keyboard in the Bruges public library. I finally found some goddamn internet! It is a long goddamn story - down at the hotel, most weblisted wifi hotspots are cold, etc. etc. and please - don't trouble yourself digging up spots online to email me- I'm so sick of running around just to find that those places no longer have it that I could pretty much barf and I'm not doing it any more! Over it! Don't need no stinking internet!

I will have a long and picture-laden post describing many marvels and adventures on Tuesday, when I get back to the modern zorld via Brussels. A post full of beautiful and strange delights! A post that, if it were to have a trailer, would have one by Delerium. This is my promise.

I check out of the hotel tomorrow morning and spend the rest of the weekend at the beguinage! Julie is coming to Bruges on Sunday. I made reservations for us at a restaurant that is having asparagus and lamb for Easter dinner.  I leave for Brussels on Tuesday morning. I am definitely staying at the Vine Farm inn in Cambridge - it's far out but self-catering and inexpensive and Kerryn recced it so I'm happy - if anyone knows a cute/nice/cheap place in Lincoln or Worcester I'm all ears.

This time next week I will be in merry England! England for the last of April and most of May; and a week back in France and the fieldwork is done. And did I mention my mom is coming to stay with me at Oxford a hundred times already?

And I think Hilly should come. And hang. And we can apartment hunt for you!
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