And so at last I arrived in Worcester, after a couple of days at liberty due to the Lincoln archive not receiving visitors this week! You've already heard about my adventures with the NHS - I have to admit that the penicillin seems to have worked just fine as I'm very nearly recovered. Of course, now I have to keep pounding the stuff for days and days per directions, but whatever. Just happy to feel better!

The Great Western in Worcester was beyond lovely, I have to say - it was like staying in a hotel staffed by a kindly fairy godmother. Almost every time I opened my door there was some little snack out there - fruit, tea, cookies, chocolate. The breakfast was good, the rooms all freshly renovated - and all that for 35 pounds a night. Worth being a bit out from the center of town - a cab ride was rarely more than 3 quid.  It was wonderful. I can't recommend it enough.

I went to the archive and was the only outside researcher working this week - I had the table all to myself:

The wind was rattling the Victorian windowpanes ferociously and I found myself looking at them pretty often, and charmed by the graffiti carved in the stone:

There were wonderful fresh manuscript descriptions written by the archivist and contained in a catalog I hadn't seen in any libraries etc., so my work was quick and agreeable, and as I'd lost a day to the doctors, I was glad of it. The main thing that needed to be done was to check a manuscript that was attributed in the existing inventory to William of Auvergne, but didn't have a recognizable incipit. Turned out to be William of Auxerre. That's one more I don't have to transcribe!

When I was done, I went downstairs and had a turn around the cathedral. The main altar has an incredibly vivid modern piece of embroidery on it, and I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I guess I like it, kind of, but didn't care so so much for it in the cathedral? As a matter of personal taste. But I like the steampunky embroidered rainbow chipboard part, mostly. I have to say that it looks to me more like somethign that belongs in a Unitarian church of the 1970s.

There were also some lovely marbles:

Then I did a turn around the courtyard by way of the interior - it was raining pretty hard.

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