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2009-03-08 12:53 pm

Sunday in Munich

I took a tablet of melatonin last night when it was well past dark, and was jaw-crackingly sleepy within an hour. Even though my download of "Rock of Love" was almost done and I was looking forward to my first look at the trampscapades (my friend Daphne says this is the funniest show ever), I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. It was 8:30. I slept until 8 the next morning, when renovation workers woke me up with a racket of tools and metal and stone. I called down to the reception and they went away, and I slept another hour. And I only got up because it is Sunday, which means that breakfast is a Very Important Meal today - because everything in the world is closed. I felt like I was still dreaming - totally OBE. Too much sleep? Is that possible?

While waiting for the elevator (which always takes forever) I educated myself on firefighting tips via the plaque mounted above the fire extinguisher:

1. Fight fire with the wind!
2. When fighting fire, start with a corner piece.

As to the REST of the instructions... Honestly, if I was the copyeditor on this piece I would replace the whole thing with:

In case of fire in hotel, grab your stuff and RUN THE HELL AWAY.