This is going to be a pretty long entry because I haven't had internet access for awhile but I've been keeping a little offline notebook during the days at the archive.  I don't have many pictures, so hopefully my LJ-cut will work - often I have too many tags on too many cuts and embeds and the whole thing just spools out anyway, along with a lot of hanging </div> tags, so we'll see.

I spent entirely too much of my Friday afternoon mooning after the broad and besuited shoulders of my much-admired objet petit a, Dr. Wolfgang-Valentin Ikas, my number one archival trog crush of all time. OMG YOU GUYS: I found a picture of him online because I am a stalker and a psycho! Well, not really. I just wanted to show him to you. He's the one who looks like Colin Firth with German glasses and German hair. See how much I wasn't lying about that? Man, he is so cute. And you should see the way he walks. I bet you can totally imagine how he walks. I'm so in love.

Bis spater!


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