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( Mar. 25th, 2009 10:45 pm)

I am in VENICE you guys. VENICE. And it is amazing. I took this picture:

I took a bunch of pictures, actually. I will have more up soon, and stories to go with them. But I am totally wiped out - I did not sleep well in Mantua on account of the bed was stuffed with scrap metal, and have clocked many travel hours and archive hours since Sunday. It shocks me how much Sunday was just three days ago.

Mantua was a good archive and had some interesting parts, but mostly it was just kind of fascinatingly decayed and falling apart. This is my favorite picture from Mantua:

More soon, probably Friday night or this weekend. My internet access is not awesome (more on that later too) but this weekend the weather is supposed to be dreadful, so tomorrow I plan to get as much out of Venice as possible. I am planning on getting up insanely early, which means going to bed Right Now! In my tiny bed in my tiny room, which is the tiniest and loveliest little nook. Wait til you see the shower! There isnt one! Just a shower head on the wall! The water just goes on the floor, which has a drain!




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